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Trained Professionals That Inspect And Test Your Powerboards, Extension Cords, And More

If you own a home or rental property, it’s important to keep your electrical equipment safe and up-to-date. Test and Tag Sydney offers residential test and tagging services, ensuring that all of your appliances meet Australian standards. 

Our team of trained professionals can inspect and test your items, including powerboards, extension cords, and portable heaters. We then provide tags with expiration dates so that you know when it’s time for another round of testing. 

Don’t delay – protect your home and family with our residential test and tagging services. Schedule an appointment today to ensure the safety of your electrical equipment.

Your Home’s Safety Is Of Utmost Importance To Us

We care about your family’s safety. We test and tag your home’s electrical appliances and devices to ensure they are safe. 

Test and Tag Sydney is a leading provider of test and tagging services in Sydney. We are a team of qualified electricians dedicated to providing the highest quality test and tagging services. 

We offer competitive rates and efficient service without compromising quality. Contact Test and Tag Sydney today for all your test and tagging needs.

Our Residential Services

Test and Tag 

Test and tagging are testing electrical appliances and devices to ensure they are safe to use. Test and tagging include:

  • A visual inspection of the appliance or device.
  • Testing the appliance or device with an electrical tester.
  • Attaching a tag to the appliance or device with the test results.

Test and Tag Sydney can help you with all your test and tagging needs.

Electrical Appliances we Test and Tag include:

  • Microwaves
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Photocopiers
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Air conditioners
  • Heaters
  • Factory machinery
  • Office equipment

RCD/Safety Switch Testing Service

RCD (Residual Current Devices) or safety switch is a device designed to cut off the power supply in the event of an electrical fault. This can help prevent fires and electrocution. Safety switches should be tested regularly to ensure that they are functioning as designed.

Regular testing is crucial to maintaining a safe environment in any building and can help prevent serious accidents and injuries.

Knowing the different types of safety switch, their purpose and the protection they provide will help you choose a safety switch that best suits your needs.

The three main types of safety switches are:

Safety Switches For Switchboards

Safety switches are installed on individual circuits to protect:

  • selected electrical circuits throughout the house
  • protected power points can be used to power electrical appliances and extension cords.

Safety Switches For Power Points

An existing power point is replaced with a power point safety switch. The switches protect appliances and power cords plugged into them, as well as other electrical wiring and power points.

In order to maximize the protection of an electrical circuit, the power point safety switch should be installed at the first power point after the switchboard. 

Portable Safety Switch

For people who work with power tools or other electrical appliances and do not have access to safety switches or power points, portable safety switches are essential. 

Microwave Testing Service

Performing this test is necessary because radiation can leak from the door and seals, and high doses of radiation can be harmful to anyone who is close to a microwave oven. 

We will check that the radiation levels around the microwave are below the specified limit and we follow a comprehensive procedure to check that your home or workplace microwave ovens are safe to use.

Benefits of Our Electrical Testing Services

Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, the importance of electrical safety can’t be overstated. Electrical testing is an essential step in ensuring that all of your electrical equipment is functioning properly and won’t pose a danger to yourself or others.

Here are top reasons why Test and Tag Sydney should be your go-to provider for electrical testing: 

  • Our technicians are highly trained and experienced professionals;
  • We offer both on-site and off-site testing options to fit your needs;
  • Our team uses the latest technology and equipment for accurate results;
  • We offer competitive pricing with no hidden fees;
  • We provide thorough documentation for all tests performed, giving you peace of mind.

Get In Touch

We are committed to a reliable, professional and cost-effective test and tag service for homes and offices throughout Sydney. Don’t delay a minute more – contact Test and Tag Sydney for all of your electrical testing needs today.

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