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Are you looking for reliable RCD Testing in Sydney? Look no further than Test and Tag Sydney. Our team of trained professionals can ensure that all of your Residual Current Devices are properly functioning to keep your workplace safe. 

RCDs can prevent electrocution by cutting off the flow of electricity in case of a fault. However, they can wear down over time and need to be tested regularly. 

We offer flexible scheduling options and competitive pricing, so why wait? Contact Test and Tag Sydney today to schedule your RCD testing and make sure that your workplace meets all safety standards. 

Professional RCD Testing Sydney Team

If you own or manage a business in Sydney, then you know the importance of ensuring electrical safety for your employees and customers. That’s where Test and Tag Sydney comes in. 

Our team is trained to use advanced RCD circuit testers to check for faults that could potentially cause electric shocks or fires. We also offer regularly scheduled testing services to ensure ongoing safety compliance.

Is an RCD the same as a safety switch?

An RCD is a Residual Current Device, also called a safety switch. They constantly monitor the electrical current flowing through circuits supplying electricity to devices and appliances. A fault in this flow can occur from wires being damaged which can cause surges in electricity and be fatal.

Safety switch: What is it?

Electricity-related fires, electric shock, injury, and death can be prevented with a safety switch, which quickly shuts off the electricity supply if an electrical fault is detected.

Do I need a safety switch?

All new homes and buildings that alter or add electrical circuits must have safety switches protecting power points and lighting circuits. The law was introduced in 1991, so your home may not have safety switches if it was built before then.

Contact our licensed electrician for advice or to install a safety switch if you are unsure whether your home has one.

How Safety Switches Work

The moment a person makes direct contact with electricity, it is sent away from its main path in the electrical circuit and rather goes through the person’s body to earth. It takes as little as 0.3 seconds for a safety switch to detect a change in an electrical circuit and shut the power off.

Short circuits and overcurrents are prevented by fuses and circuit breakers, but electric shocks are prevented by safety switches.

Circuit Breaker Vs Safety Switch or RCD

The main difference between a safety switch (or RCD) and a circuit breaker (often referred to as a fuse) is a safety switch protects people from electrical accidents and the circuit breaker protects wiring and electrical systems in your home.

Types of Safety Switch Types We Service

There are four main types of RCD Safety Switches we service:

Mounted RCD Safety Switches In Meter Boxes – In the home’s main meter box or distribution board, they are generally located alongside circuit breakers.

Circuit breakers and RCD safety switches combined – Electricity circuits and appliances are protected, as well as electrocution is prevented, with these devices retrofitted into existing meter boxes with limited space.

RCD Safety Switches That Are Portable –Protects only the circuits of appliances connected to them and attaches to power boards or extension leads. Power tools and electrical appliances that are not protected by a meter box RCD or a power point RCD must be protected with these devices.

RCD Safety Switches for Power Points – Located on power points and distinguished by a test button on the faceplate. They must be fitted to the first power point after the meter box. In specific areas, such as bathrooms and workshops, they protect electrical appliances.

Equipments used by Test and Tag Sydney To Perform RCD Testing on your property

As a business owner, it’s important to ensure the safety of your employees and customers by regularly testing and tagging electrical equipment. Test and Tag Sydney uses top-of-the-line equipment for RCD testing, including:

Seaward Primetest 50, a portable testing device which can perform tests on single phase appliances up to 10A. For larger tasks we also use Megger RCD Testers, which have the capability to test three phase appliances with a maximum current of 100A.

All testing is performed according to Australian standards by our qualified technicians, ensuring the safety of your workplace. Don’t leave your electrical equipment untested – trust Test and Tag Sydney to keep your business up to code.

Benefits of Our RCD Testing Services

1) RCD testing can help to prevent electric shock, injury, and even death. Test and Tag Sydney’s licensed technicians are equipped to quickly and accurately assess your equipment to ensure it is operating safely. 

2) Regular RCD testing is required by law for all workplaces, so staying up to date with Test and Tag Sydney can save you from possible fines or legal repercussions. 

3) RCD testing helps to prolong the life of your electrical equipment by detecting any faults or malfunctions before they become a bigger problem. 

4) Test and Tag Sydney offers affordable rates and flexible scheduling, making it easy to prioritise the safety of your property. 

5) With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Test and Tag Sydney has the expertise to provide exceptional service that you can trust. Overall, investing in regular RCD testing with Test and Tag Sydney is a small price to pay for the peace of mind and protection it provides.

Get in Touch

Contact us if you are unsure whether you have RCD Safety Switches or if you need them installed and we will send a Qualified Electrician around to supply and fit them.

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