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Certified Technicians To Keep Various Types Of Electrical Equipments Safe And Up To Code

Are you looking for a reliable company to perform test and tag services for your commercial business? Look no further than Test and Tag Sydney. Our team of certified technicians can ensure that all of your electrical equipment remains safe to use and up to code. 

We offer both initial testing and periodic retesting, as well as optional asset tagging for easy identification. Our prompt and efficient services minimise disruption to your workplace, allowing you and your employees to continue with daily operations without worry. 

Make sure your business is protected, trust Test and Tag Sydney for all of your test and tag needs.

Importance Of Having Electrical Equipment Tested

Your safety is important to us. Your offices’ electrical appliances and devices should be regularly inspected to ensure they are safe. Businesses are required by law to Test and Tag their electrical appliances and devices. 

We provide full service for your electrical needs and include risk assessment and recommended schedule for your next testing for your convenience.

State-Of-The-Art Testing Methods To Ensure The Safety Of Your Property

Test and Tag Sydney utilises state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure the safety of your property. Our team is trained in the use of portable appliance testers, electrical installation continuity testers, and RCD circuit testers. 

We also utilise volt sticks to protect against electric shock hazards. By conducting regular RCD testing with our high-quality equipment, we can help prevent injury or damage caused by electrical faults. 

Don’t take risks with your property’s safety – trust Test and Tag Sydney to provide thorough and reliable RCD testing.

Portable Appliance Testers

Do you know if all of your electronic appliances are safe to use? Test and Tag Sydney can help. Our experienced technicians utilise portable appliance testers, or PATs, to assess the safety and functionality of your electrical equipment. 

These handheld devices provide precise measurements to ensure that your appliances meet Australian and New Zealand standards for electrical safety. In addition to testing, we also label all newly tested items with a tag indicating the date of testing and when they should next be checked. By regularly testing and tagging your appliances, you can protect yourself and those around you from electrical accidents. 

Contact Test and Tag Sydney today to book a convenient appointment for your business or home.

Electrical Installation Continuity Testers

When it comes to electrical safety in the workplace, it’s important to regularly test and inspect equipment for any potential hazards. At Test and Tag Sydney, we use a variety of testing methods, including electrical installation continuity testers. 

These devices measure the level of resistance in an electrical circuit, ensuring that there are no faults or breaks. In addition to this, our team also uses insulation resistance testers to check for proper insulation levels and portable appliance testers to evaluate the functionality of electrical appliances.

RCD Circuit Testers

If you own a business or manage a workplace, it’s important to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. Electrical equipment can pose a potential hazard, which is why it’s crucial to regularly test and tag them. 

At Test and Tag Sydney, we use RCD circuit testers to help guarantee the safety of your electrical equipment. RCDs are especially useful because they not only detect faulty wiring, but also instantly cut off the power in case of an emergency. 

This added layer of protection helps to reduce the likelihood of electrical accidents and possible injuries. Trust us at Test and Tag Sydney to keep you, your employees, and anyone who enters your workplace safe with our RCD circuit testing services.

By using these various testing methods, we can ensure a safe and efficient workplace environment for all. In addition to testing, our team is also well-equipped for tagging and labeling equipment as well as providing training on electrical safety. 

So rest assured that when you work with Test and Tag Sydney, your electrical equipment will be thoroughly inspected and properly maintained.

Trust Test And Tag Sydney Services To Keep Your Building Safe And Compliant

Commercial Test and Tag services are the process of testing and tagging all electrical equipment on commercial premises. This includes offices, factories, warehouses or any other type of commercial building. Test and tagging for schools and childcare are essential for the safety of the children. Test and Tag Sydney can help you with all your test and tagging needs. 

Test and Tag is a legal requirement in many workplaces, so it’s important to ensure that all your electrical equipment is tested and tagged.

Our services include:

> Testing and Tagging Sydney Service

When it comes to workplace safety, the importance of regular testing and tagging for electrical equipment can’t be overstated. But keeping up with these routine checks can be time-consuming and tricky, particularly for busy businesses. That’s where Test and Tag Sydney come in. 

Our experienced team offers comprehensive testing and tagging services throughout Sydney, ensuring that all equipment is securely labelled and meets relevant government standards. With their help, businesses can rest easy knowing that their workplace is a safe environment for employees and customers alike. 

> Microwave Radiation Testing

Safety should always be a top priority in the workplace, and that includes ensuring that your equipment is functioning properly. Microwave radiation can have damaging effects on both people and equipment, so regular testing is crucial. That’s where Test and Tag Sydney comes in. 

Our team of professionals offers microwave radiation testing for offices, ensuring that your workplace remains safe and compliant with regulations. With our thorough testing process and quick turnaround time, you can rest assured that your microwaves are up to standard. 

Don’t risk the health and safety of your staff or the functionality of your equipment – trust Test and Tag Sydney for all of your microwave radiation testing needs.

> Three Phase Testing

When it comes to the safety of your workplace, it’s important to have all electrical equipment regularly tested and inspected. Test and Tag Sydney offers this service for three phase systems, commonly used in commercial properties. 

Our trained technicians are able to thoroughly assess each device, identifying any potential hazards and making necessary recommendations. We also provide visual tagging to indicate when the last test was performed and when the next one is due. 

Don’t leave the well-being of your staff or customers to chance – trust Test and Tag Sydney for reliable three phase testing.

> Exit and Emergency Light Testing Sydney

At Test and Tag Sydney, we understand the importance of Exit and Emergency Lighting. In the event of an emergency, those lighting fixtures provide critical guidance for individuals to safely evacuate the premises. That is why we offer comprehensive testing services for these lights in commercial properties. 

Our experienced technicians will inspect each fixture to ensure it is properly functioning and meets all safety regulations. We also offer maintenance services to keep your emergency lighting in optimal condition. 

Trust Test and Tag Sydney for all of your Exit and Emergency Light Testing needs

> Fire Equipment Testing

Fire safety is always a top priority for commercial buildings. Regular testing and maintenance of equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and emergency exit lights ensure that the premises will be prepared in the event of a fire. 

At Test and Tag Sydney, we offer comprehensive Fire Equipment Testing for all types of commercial properties. Our highly trained technicians conduct thorough inspections in accordance with Australian standards, ensuring that your equipment is up-to-date and functioning properly. 

> RCD Testing Sydney or Safety Switch Testing

If you own a business or manage a commercial property, it’s important to keep the areas safe for employees and visitors. That’s where Test and Tag Sydney comes in. We offer RCD Testing Sydney, also known as Safety Switch Testing, to make sure that your electrical equipment is functioning properly and not at risk for electric shock. 

Our experienced technicians have the necessary skills and equipment to perform these tests, ensuring compliance with workplace safety regulations. In addition to RCD Testing, we also offer extension lead testing, appliance tagging, and infrared scanning services. 

RCD Safety Switches: what are they?

In the event of a problem, a safety switch or RCD (Residual Current Device) will turn the power off quickly. Electrical hazards are often hidden and can be difficult to identify, such as a small hole in an extension lead or a power board damaged internally. Electrical accidents occur in an instant and RCDs are the only device that can protect you and your staff and customers from these hidden dangers.

How does an RCD Safety Switch work?

RCD Safety Switches protect by continuously monitoring the flow of current through the active and neutral wires of a circuit or piece of equipment. In normal circumstances, both wires carry the same amount of current. 

In the event of an earth leak caused by a fault in the circuit or an accident with the equipment, an imbalance occurs, which is detected by the RCD, which automatically shuts off the power.

As soon as a leakage current is detected, RCD Safety Switches disconnect in less than 20 milliseconds. As a result, electricity cannot flow through someone’s body to the earth. 

Additionally, RCDs protect against fires caused by faulty appliances, tools, and wiring. 

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